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I see it fitting to give a bit of background as to the origins of the name MoonHappy. To be clear, it is not a nickname or programmer handle by any means, but rather I use it as an entity to group all code repos and other content that I produce under a single banner, so to say. Hence, MoonHappy is not a company or organisation, though I won't rule that (who knows the future right?).

An Astronomical Occurrence


Sometime around the summer of 2008 (I can't remember the precise date, though reports say the event occurred February 2008), the planets of Venus and Jupiter aligned with a crescent moon to form a peculiar sight. There was a smiley face in the night sky!

What I thought most impressive was that from all other reports and photos taken that I had seen, the view from where I lived as a kid seemed to be the perfect place in the world for the cosmic event. As can be seen in the photo I snapped, the moon and planets were in perfect orientation to make an unmistakably pleasant smile, as to treat us mere mortals with a period of tranquility.


From taking that original photo and adorning it with the name MoonHappy, it always fills me joy and sense of nostalgia, "How's the serenity?" as Darryl Kerrigan of The Castle would put it. So, from that, marking things with MoonHappy emblazoned on them, simply gives me a nice reminder of something that was truely joyful in my life.

I have since registered the domain, including this blog, and the GitHub organisation with this same adornment of MoonHappy.

That is all ๐Ÿ™‚