Ok, so this is going to be a brain dump, filled with rambling nonsensical musings. You might gain some insight, you might not, I'll let you decide.

After working as a coder for well over a decade now, I can't help but find myself on a mountain of accumulated ideas. Some out of frustrations where I see an alternative solution, some out of a lack of a good or better solution to a problem that I face, and some from pure exploration of the imagination or simply as a means to get a better understanding of something.

But what is an idea if it is never realised? A missed opportunity in my mind. Whether it is a good idea or a bad idea, there's always a positive outcome to be had - heck, as something worthwhile or at the very least a mistake to learn from. So I now want to do something about that.

Anyway enough with the rambling, I can self loathe later. Though I've got a lot of ideas to explore, I want to focus on two in particular, and record my journey through my progression of each:

  1. A new programming language and compiler/build concept.

  2. A home theatre media platform.

I'll have a blog article on each, so I won't go into more information here.

A big part in creating a blog is to help give me focus and a mission to get myself to follow. If I don't succeed in accomplishing those two ideas, at least I hope to impart some of my thoughts, ideas, and challenges I faced. So let's see where this goes...